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Pawel's work speaks for itself. Listen and view the examples below for an expression of his creative palette.

  • Classically trained multi-instrumentalist
  • Award winning web developer with a passion for fluid design
  • Sound designer with an avid and unique approach to audio
  • Trendy digital designer with a focus on building brand awareness
  • Evocative music composer and singer songwriter
  • Exceptional versatility in musical style, engineering and production
  • Animated voice actor with a well spoken English accent
  • Hobbyist photographer and creative photo editor
  • Fan of vintage video gaming, Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who


Pawel Filip Osmolski (born May 12, 1983) is an English composer and child prodigy. He started composing on the piano at the age of 7, and was also writing music on the Commodore Amiga computer using MOD Tracker software.

He currently writes and performs his own songs under the stage name Filip Oscar, which he used to launch his first studio album Raven White.

During his teens, he became fascinated with learning the Acoustic/Electric guitar, Bass guitar and Drums, which led him to progress onto MIDI and Audio workstations such as Avid Pro Tools and Steinberg Cubase.

His musical family meant that he grew up listening to, and playing all kinds of music, developing strong song-writing individualism and instrumental flexibility. He is an improviser at heart, being able to create melodies and sounds without the need of any significant influence or stimulus.

  • Crumpet Cashmere website built by Pawel Osmolski
    Website: Crumpet Cashmere. Front-End Development: Pawel Osmolski - Website Design Ltd. CMS: CS-Cart. Fully Responsive.
  • Superior School of Real Estate website built by Pawel Osmolski
    Website: Superior School of Real Estate. Front-End Development: Pawel Osmolski - Colibri Group. CMS: WordPress. Fully Responsive.
  • Riviera Drinks website built by Pawel Osmolski
    Website: Riviera Drinks Co. Silver winner at the Essex Digital Awards 2018. Front-End Development: Pawel Osmolski - Focus Integrated. CMS: WordPress. Fully Responsive with WebGL.
  • Saffron Tax website built by Pawel Osmolski
    Website: Saffron Tax Partners LLP. Front-End Development: Pawel Osmolski - Website Design Ltd. CMS: WordPress.
  • HR Elite website built by Pawel Osmolski
    Website: HR Elite. Front-End Development: Pawel Osmolski - Website Design Ltd. CMS: WordPress.
  • Café Crêpe mockup design by Pawel Osmolski
    Mockup: Café Crêpe - Landing Page. Design: Pawel Osmolski - Freelance.
  • Café Crêpe advertising campaign by Pawel Osmolski
    Mockup: Café Crêpe - Advertising Campaign. Design: Pawel Osmolski - Freelance.

Web Design

Pawel is highly skilled with WordPress, Laravel, PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. He has spent over a decade working with strong design and development teams, managing over 100 websites covering finance, law, energy, real estate and transport sectors across the UK, US and Asia.

He shows careful attention to detail, often adding considerable value to the final product in order to positively enhance user experience.

His background with music, video and corporate design gives him a unique edge, allowing him to fit into almost any creative environment.

Visit Pawel's LinkedIn profile to see a more comprehensive list of projects. These include eCommerce, brochure and fully responsive website builds.

Pawel is available in a freelance capacity, so if you're looking for someone passionate to work on your next project, please get in touch!

Sound Design

Pawel was taught privately by a professor of music whilst he attended secondary school, but eventually took his skills further by studying for an Advanced Diploma at The Guitar Institute & Basstech, then for a Bachelor of Arts and Master's degree in Music Technology.

He’s the kind of guy that will say "Bass-boost is only for parties" and "Can I get that in 24-bit please?"

His preferred guitars used for playing live and recording are the Fender Vista Venus, Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s, Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster '50s and a Tanglewood TW-115AS acoustic.


Pawel Osmolski in the NME Magazine
Source: NME Magazine, New Musical Express.

Pawel gained recognition in the media from his well-received remixes of Radiohead’s unreleased material, and was listed in the Q Magazine, MTV News, and had an exclusive article printed in the NME.

He is also known for his contributions to the Remix64 community and Chiptune scene, which were done out of his love for 8-bit music and the Commodore 64 home computer.

Pawel goes by the names, FILIP OSCAR, DeViLhoOD and Star Paw, as pseudonyms for releasing his own solo material.

Prior to going solo, he was the lead singer-songwriter and producer for the London based indie band CrunchAlias. He also works on film and video game projects through his creative agency Crown & Craft.

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