Radiohead Remixes

This is my homage to the band, and a gift to all the ateaseweb board members.

Tracks 1, 4-6 with Thom Yorke on acoustic guitar and vocals.
Track 2 with Thom Yorke on piano and vocals.
Track 3 with Pawel Osmolski on vocals.
Track 5 with Jonny Greenwood on electric guitar.
All other instrumentation performed and arranged by Pawel Osmolski.

The latest song to be remixed "Present Tense" is inspired by Radiohead's soundcheck performances of the song, and a lot of listens to In Rainbows and The King of Limbs.
Similarly to what I did previously with Follow Me Around, Big Boots and Videotape, I built up a full-band effect around an acoustic performance.

I was always very fond of Thom's acoustic version played at Latitude Festival 2009-07-19, along with Jonny's version from Norwegian Wood. Thank you to the extremely clean taping by Nanakey, I decided to use the Latitude recording for the basis of a remix track.

Thank you to Lana Chircop for letting me use her awesome acrylic painting as the cover art.

If you would like to show your thanks for the remixes, please spare a moment and listen to my album "Brokenness Trio" and the 8-bit Chiptune "Space Explorer Polaris" on Bandcamp.